Dr. Bryan Ardis, D.C. Radio show

Arterburn Radio Transmission 

Banned Video

John Birtch Society

BorderHawk news

Children’s health Defense(Robert F. Kennedy Jr.)

Dark Journalist

Lou Dobbs. The Great America Show

Drudge Report

Jay Dyer- Analysis

Earth Pulse Dr. Neil Beigach

Find a Patriot

Catherine Austin Fitts

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Free America Law Center

Gab – A social network that champions free speech

Gateway Pundit

Geoengineering Watch(Weather Modification)

Global Covid Summit

David Icke

Info Wars Alex Jones

Judge Napolitano 

David Knight Show

Max Keiser – Financial, Economics

Libertarian Party

LondonReal  David Icke and others 

Minds – Take back control of your social media

Natural News – Mike Adams

No More Fake News – John Rappoport

Wayne Madsen – former NSA

Need to Know News – G. Edward Griffen

One America Network

Ron Paul Institute

Peoples Pundit Daily

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Project Veritas – James O’Keefe

Rebel News

Resistance Chicks

Rise Up Into Health (Dr. Glidden, Naturopath)

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SGT Report

Sirius Disclosure (Dr. Steven Greer)

Syrian Girl

Steve Quayle – Bioterrorism and other things

Summit news (Paul Joseph Watson)

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Dr. Shari Tenpenney – Vaccines

The Medical Rebel (Dr. Lee Merritt)

Jesse Ventura

Trends Research -Gerald Celinte

Tao of Law -Eddie Craig

USA Watchdog – Greg Hunter

Aaron Russo – Film producer

We Are Change–  Luke R.

What Does It Mean

World Affairs Brief  -Joel Skousen

ZeroHedge – Chris Hedges




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