Us (Good)

Banned Video  – David Knight, War Room(Owen Shroyer), Paul Joseph Watson, American Countdown    truthful reporting and the free and open exchange of ideas -Video channel Refuse to be silenced-

Drudge Report

Earth Pulse Dr. Neil Beigach

Catherine Austin Fitts – Actionable Intelligence to live a Free and Inspired life

Free America Law Center

Gab – A social network that champions free speech

Gateway Pundit

David Icke

Info Wars Alex Jones

Max Keiser – Financial, Economics

Libertarian Party – the political party of principle

LondonReal  David Icke and others 

Natural News – Mike Adams

No More Fake News – John Rappoport

Wayne Madsen – former NSA, Navel Intelligence

Need to Know News – G. Edward Griffen

Ron Paul Institute – Dr. Ron Paul former TX congressman

Peoples Pundit Daily

Dr. Steve Piecznik

Project Veritas – James O’Keefe

Steve Quayle – Bioterrorism and other things

Summit news (Paul Joseph Watson)

Webster Tarpley – Author, Philosopher of History

Dr. Shari Tenpenney – Vaccines

Jesse Ventura

Trends Research -Gerald Celinte

Tao of Law -Eddie Craig – Learn the way the legal system really works

USA Watchdog – Greg Hunter

Aaron Russo – Film producer



Them (Bad)

Council on Foreign Relations

Tri-Lateral Commision

Rockefeller Commision

Bilderberg Group

United Nations