I left Spiece Fitness after about 12 years of continuous membership.  People are probably wondering why I left so I’m going to go over some of the reasons. 

Once the new owners took over things went downhill fast. This was around mid-2021 I believe. They started major renovations to the vast weight room and cardio area.  Eventually all the fitness equipment was shoved in the back where the former swimming pool area and Sports Performance was located.  They destroyed a great weight room and cardio area. When I left in June 2022,  it was vacant and I don’t know what they are doing with it. 

They never had anyone supervising or assisting members in the weight area.  There were personal trainers who focused on their clients, but didn’t interact with the members and watch the equipment usage.  Handles and bars would be laying all over with the some employees ignoring the mess as they walked by.

Prices increased drastically and for someone like me who did group fitness classes, my package was now $55/month.  Previously it was around 35/month.  

When I tried to create a member-liason position for me to help Spiece and the members management ignored me and eventually said no.  I would have helped members find a fitness class, introduce them to personal trainers, listen to their gripes, etc.  For members who only did fitness classes I would have introduced them to the weights and cardio equipment if they were too timid to do it on their own. I could have put weight plates and handles back where it belonged when members didn’t.

Weight equipment Spiece discarded after the weight room move

The heavy bag for martial arts was another sore spot for me.  It used to be on yard-arm which gave 360 degree access to it for martial arts and boxing workouts.  A new employee around 2020 moved it and I tried to get it returned and nothing happened and no one discussed it with me.

Now I’m at Catalyst Fitness since June of this year and am enjoying and benefiting from the weight rooms and fitness classes.  I’ve also reconnected with a past workout partner from Spiece and we’re making the most of Catalyst Fitness by working out together.

Group Fitness classes at Catalyst Fitness are free with membership!