Weeknights you will find me at Catalyst Fitness NE doing all kinds of things as the Member Liaison.  One of them was helping Bailey troubleshoot a Precor  EFX Elliptical cardio machine with my VOM(Volt Ohm Miliamp meter).  The machine’s incline ramp won’t move when the controls are activated.

I got to hear ” Where have you been Shane, I’ve been looking for you to help me with a Leg Press Machine.”  It was Laura from Connie’s Tuesday and Thursday class.  We talked about what help she needed and then Katie, Laura and I went to Zumba class in the upstairs classroom.  Sally and Milissa joined us.

I talk to many people during the night and a new member of two weeks was getting a drink at the same time I did and we discussed the weight equipment at Catalyst. He got a tour of the facility and I found out he’s a body builder.

Throughout the night I put away weight plates, cable accessories and anything else not in the proper location.  I do this as I move from room to room and also throw out plastic water bottles and trash.

After Zumba Class every Tuesday at 530PM