When I was younger I rarely did cardio exercise on my own. Lower body exercise was almost the same way. They were done sporadically and definitely not as often as my upper body.  Cardio exercise felt boring and mundane probably because all I knew was running and jogging.

It wasn’t until I was in my 50’s that I found a fantastic way to do get my cardio and strengthen my legs.  It’s called Group Blast and it’s a group fitness class with certified instructors.  It has lively music and instructors who give us  encouragement and great instructions.

Tuesday afternoons at 530PM Grace Webster will be leading us in the Group Blast class at my gym, Catalyst Fitness Northeast in Fort Wayne.  It’s my main cardio class with an added benefit of building the lower body.  

We have fun jumping, squating, lunging, shuffling, running in circles on our way to a better body.  I like singing and yelling during the songs to motivate myself.  Come out and join Grace and I and the team.  If you’re not a Catalyst member, let me know and I’ll help you check us out and get a tour.  You’ll be amazed at how much goes on here!