Wednesday night during Centergy class, Lisa (Group fitness manager) told us they are adding a Centergy class on Saturdays at 9am. This starts December 10 which is tomorrow. Centergy is a class I take at least twice a week and Saturday works for me since I’m usually already at Catalyst Fitness.

After 800am Group Blast last month.

This Saturday I’m making a challenge to myself to do four Group fitness classes in a row. Starting at 0730 it’s Core with Grace, Blast 800am with Grace again, Centergy at 900am with Milinda, and finally 10 am Zumba with Katie.  When I tell people about it some think I’m crazy or have too much time on my hands but I’m going to do it anyway.  The good thing about the 4 classes is the two cardio intense classes (Blast and Zumba) are not consecutive.  They have Centergy(Yoga and Pilates) in between them.  

Stretching in Group Centergy Class. 9AM Saturday

So join me this Saturday at my gym, Catalyst Fitness, and get a fun workout with great music and people. 

A historical note:  back in 2018 I did 4 in a row at Spiece.  and I barely made it through but they were all cardio intense.  They were Spin(Cycle), Blast, Zumba and Fight. 

If you want to check out our gym give me a shout, message or signal and I’ll accommodate you. We don’t pay extra for group classes at Catalyst like my former gym does and another gym does.

10 am Zumba class