For several years I have used the one body part per day approach to strength and conditioning.  Around 2013-2014 I started exercising with a workout partner who really knew her stuff.  Up until then I think I did a mixed body part workout five days a week.  I really like one a day and it has transformed my body into a leaner, stronger one. I generally do four sets of everything thanks to my old workout partner.

Today is Tuesday which means the shoulders(delts) and trapezius gets the focus in the weight room.  I try to use barbbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, machines, Rogue multibar, cable work, and bodyweight exercises throughout every workout.  Additionally, I will cycle back and forth between two arms working together and next week they are working isolated from one another.

Today I started with one of my favorite shoulder builders, the Arnold press in the Power Room at Catalyst. They have a seated military(shoulder press) that I use with two dumbbells.  Next was a trap builder, wide cable shrugs on the TKO machine in the same room. Moving to the main weight room I did the Hammer Strength Iso Military Press. Then came dumbbell upright rows using 15lbs in each hand.

At the half-way point I moved upstairs to the Paramount weight room.  I named it this because it is dominated by machines made by Paramount.  I wanted to do an exercise for each of the three deltoid heads and I started with Paramount rear delt machine. Then lying floor side laterals for the medial head(taken from my Golds Gym book).  The last one was  front dumbbell raises for the anterior deltoids.

I was running late or I would have done another trap or military press exercise.

Floor-side laterals for the Medial Deltoids. sorry dumbbell is hidden at the top of photo.