I used to think group fitness wasn’t for me until a member at Spiece Fitness and I started sharing our workouts.  Andy exclusively does group fitness classes- cardio, strength, and flexibility.  This contrasted with me who spent the majority of my time in the free weight and machine areas and sometimes the sports performance area. I knew cardiovascular training was important especially for my martial arts, but it was hard to do it alone. I took Andy’s suggestion and started taking Group Blast on Wednesday mornings and later Saturdays and I was hooked from the beginning.  It’s a great atmosphere of encouragement and excitement and the music really helps.  Every week for two years I kept at it and my stamina improved beyond belief. Additionally, it helped my abdominals turn into a six-pack.

I’m now a member of the Y and searching for a Group Blast substitute. I tried Insanity Saturday morning at the JRL branch and found it to be a good, tough class and I will continue doing it. There were five of us in the class and the instructor.  The one glaring difference was the room at the JRL Y was very small compared to the room for Blast at Spiece which is a gym.  But Insanity is not Group Blast – it doesn’t have the excitement and synergy that I get from Blast. A member of Spiece, Denise, said to try Bootcamp which I will at the Central Y next week.

One of the Blast instructors, Becky, invited me to Group launch at Spiece Fitness on October 28th and the public is welcome. You should go October 28th and experience Blast first-hand with me.  If you want a productive and fun cardiovascular workout then do Group Blast. It’s offered Monday mornings at 5:15AM with Kasi, Wednesday mornings at 9:15AM with Hannah, Thursday evenings at 5:30PM with Becky, and Saturday mornings at 8:00AM with Kasi.