Me, the Matrix, and Sensei Basche. December 2016

An exercise chapter ends, Part 2: In 2014, I went solo again on my work-outs using Kit’s ideas and some of my original exercises. I added dumbbells to the mix on flat bench press, inclines and declines at the suggestion of my brother 15 years ago. Around 2015 I became a martial arts student at Basches Martial Arts in Fort Wayne.  Spiece has two heavy bags and a Bob the Bully where I practiced my kicks and punches for three years.  Martial Arts is now part of my workout routine.


Top: June 2016. David Loya, myself and Sensei Basche.  Bottom: Me doing front kicks. Feb 2017


At the suggestion of Spiece member, Andy, I tried the group classes to improve my endurance for martial arts sparring. In August 2015 I took my first Group Blast cardio class and couldn’t keep up or do the routine.  I didn’t get discouraged because I knew this was a tough class and if I stuck with it, I would have incredible endurance. It was fun working out with a group(especially when you are usually the only male) and two years later I have been doing it every week with instructors Hannah, Becky or Kasi on Wednesday mornings or Saturdays. We have amazing instructors at Spiece.  People tell me I have the cardio of someone much younger when I do Martial Arts or run. I owe it all to Group Blast. If you were like me and disliked solo cardio workouts, take Group Blast, Spinning or the other classes at Spiece and you’ll become addicted as I did.

After two years, I finally got my picture with the Group Blast Instructors- Kasi, Becky, and Hannah! Group Blast Launch July 2017.






So what exercise chapter is ending for me? My last day at Spiece was August 31, 2017.   After 9 years, I won’t be exercising here any longer.  I’ll miss this gym which I call “a little town” along with the members, trainers, and group instructors. I really got spoiled here.

I have joined another gym in Fort Wayne with my wife and we MIGHT be working out together. This is something I’ve wanted to do for many years and we’ll see if it really happens.  This gym has multiple locations and will give me a different perspective as I hope to continue my personal blog on exercise, health and nutrition.