About three years ago I was diagnosed with sciatica (pinched nerve in my spinal area).  I though it was from my physical activity like Martial Arts but it came from having desk jobs and sitting at computers for several years. I failed to stretch and bend frequently throughout the working day and the damage was done.

Instead of surgery or drugs I chose physical therapy at Summit Therapy for three months. They are located inside of Spiece.  My exercising at Spiece and martial arts at Basches continued and I added another Group Fitness class called Centergy.  It’s a combination of Yoga and Pilates and I can’t do without it. I usually do it twice a week and sometimes three. The only time I notice my back pain now is when I sit at a computer for prolonged periods without getting up and stretching.

If you are looking for a great fitness class with great instructors like Lisa, Lori, and Nikki – start Centergy at Spiece.  I’ve heard It will add years to your life if you start and do it regularly for the rest of your life.   It’s turned into my Physical Therapy class and I rarely miss it.