Spiece Fitness has a benefit that some people don’t know exists and that is group fitness classes. Your gym may offer the same benefit – I know the Y does in Fort Wayne.  They are offered mornings and evenings and weekends. On Saturday mornings at Spiece there is a nice class line-up that I am addicted to; Blast, Core, Zumba, and sometimes Centergy.

What do you do when two fitness classes that you want to take are offered at the same time? Core and Zumba are offered both at 9am.  It’s a good problem to have and what I sometimes do is alternate the classes from week to week.  Another option that Becky does is take Core at 9 and when it’s done at 930, she starts Zumba which still has 30 minutes to go. She still gets 30 minutes of each class. I like that idea and may try it next time.

After 9AM Core class sometime in 2018. Saturday