Wednesday at Spiece, Denise and I did a variety of exercises in the Sports Performance area.  These exercises used all the major muscle groups and we didn’t limit the exercises to one group like we sometimes do.  Some days we focus on chest or arms, etc. I asked Denise what she wanted to do and it was tire flips and heavy bag work. I added duck walks, bosu balance and jump rope and she agreed.

We probably should have added some more upper body activity in addition to the heavy bag punching and tire flipping.  Tire flipping does use the back and arms and hands and probably shoulders besides the legs and glutes.  Usually the next day my hands feel sore which is a good feeling.  I believe these tires are semi-truck tires, but I can’t be positive.  I’ll have to look up the numbers on the tire sidewall sometime to verify.

I think Denise loves this exercise by the way she always wants to perform them and I can see why- it uses a most of the body to do the exercise.