I learned last year I have a pinched back nerve that radiates down into my left leg. It’s painful at times usually when I’m inactive for long periods.  It didn’t happen because of my Jiu-Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, weights, or group classes at Spiece Fitness.  It happened because of office jobs and sitting at my computers and my customers computers for over 30 years with poor posture.

To help with this issue, my martial arts and general flexibility, I finally got serious about Yoga last year.  A few years earlier, I would do Yoga at home with a DVD on the TV once in a while. It was hard to do by myself and my wife didn’t want to do Yoga with me.

October 2017 doing Yoga at home

Now I take the Spiece Fitness Group Centergy class on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 915AM. It’s a mix of Pilates and Yoga. Sometimes I take the class on Saturdays with Lisa at 1000AM. Lori teaches the Tuesday class and Melinda does Thursday mornings. Centergy has helped my balance and strength in the lower body.  Breathing is an important part of Centergy and I’ve learned to breathe better in other areas of life. Spiece also has night Group Centergy classes if mornings arern’t feasible for you.

The most interesting thing is after Centergy class, I can kick higher on the heavy bags with my front kicks and side kicks. This is an amazing illustration of how my flexibility is improved by Group Centergy.

Yoga is more enjoyable now that I do it in a class at Spiece instead of alone at home.  If your solo Yoga isn’t fun anymore, try it in a group at your gym or at Spiece Fitness.  It’s better in a group!

Group photo after Centergy class July 2018