Today I took three fitness classes at Spiece: Group Blast (8am) with Kasi instructing, Zumba (9am) with Nikki instructing, and Group Centergy (10am) with Lisa and Nikki leading us.

I take Group Centergy two or three times a week to improve my physical flexibility and balance.  The class combines Yoga and Pilates in one class with one move flowing into another.  We do moves like up dog, down dog, child’s pose, crescent lunges, and many others. Modern music is played during the class which makes it fun especially if I know the song.   Like all the other fitness classes, there are many different releases or programs the instructors do so we’re not always doing the same program. This would get old and stale over time.

I was talking to another man in the class and we both agreed that we wish we were doing Yoga when we were younger. Back then I mainly lifted weights and not much else. The important thing is we are doing Centergy now and the best time to start is NOW.  Taking it three days a week allows me to learn from four great instructors – Lori, Melinda and Lisa. Sometimes Nikki will instruct with Lisa on Saturdays or run it solo.

Group Centergy is good for everyone so come out to Spiece and get younger with us as Lori says on Tuesdays.   Or find a similar class at your fitness facility.  Classes are free at Spiece so what can it hurt!

Lisa, me, and Nikki after Group Centergy Class Saturday February 9, 2019.