My workout partner at Spiece Fitness in 2013 was the first person to tell when we first started working out together. She could see I wasn’t very flexible or limber and had trouble balancing. She said,”You need to do YOGA!!”.  I went home and asked my wife Jody if she had any Yoga tapes or DVDs and she had a couple tapes that we tried.  I think they were too hard for us and we gave up on them. She then found an on-demand Yoga class on our Comcast TV and we started doing this one. We liked this class and did it together for awhile, but eventually Comcast removed this class so we couldn’t continue. Shortly after this disappointment, her sister, Joy, gave us a Yoga DVD set for Christmas and we started doing the first DVD in the set. At some point Jody stopped doing Yoga with me for reasons I’ll never know.  I continued solo for a while and then stopped doing the DVD class.  You might think I quit Yoga completely – but I didn’t.  I continued doing some of the Yoga poses as a morning stretch after I did the chi machine every day.  

The second person to suggest I do Yoga was my first chiropractor, Dr. George of Aaron Chiro around 2014. He said the Tired Horse pose and Angry Cat pose would help my poor computer posture I developed over 30 years. He also showed me additional exercises to perform.

The third person to encourage me was my martial arts teacher, Sensei Basche in 2015. He mentioned again to me just last week that regular Yoga would help my Taekwondo kick height, and prevent injuries by improving my flexibility.  He has been doing hot yoga for years and it helps him in many ways.

After thinking about what Sensei said, I decided to treat yoga just like every other fitness activity I do and make time for it. Last week I did yoga every day (Mon to Fri) from the DVD set Joy got me. (Thanks Joy!) I did a different routine everyday.  So wish me luck in taking Yoga seriously as I do cardio, strength and my martial arts.

Do you do Yoga? Do you despise or like Yoga?  Live class or from a DVD/ on-line? Let me know.