I’ve been working out at the JRL(Jackson R. Lehman) Y for a week and getting used to the facility.  I’ve been taking the insanity class on Saturdays, using the weights and the track. I hope to add yoga to my schedule at some point. I also want to use the pool as well.

The people have been nice and I’ve met some of the members and staff and even ran into a computer client here.  I saw someone who looked familiar yesterday and asked him if he used to work out at Spiece and he had. We talked for a while and he remembered me from Spiece as well. He had been a member for 10 years while I had been one for seven.  We talked about the activities we did at the Y and at Spiece and other topics.  The funny thing about this is that for the seven years we were at Spiece, we never spoke to each other! It took a new gym to get us to speak.