I’ve been on vacation this week in the southern USA where it’s been in the 80’s. Luckily, there is a swimming pool nearby and I’ve been able to swim laps and do my water walking.  When Spiece Fitness had a pool, I swam every couple of days as an alternative to standing cardio.  After they closed the pool, I never swam again until this week.

Swimming is a great full-body workout if you kick with your legs.  Sometimes I forget to use my legs when I’m doing the freestyle stroke with my arms.  The pool I’ve been in this week isn’t really meant for lap swimming but I still managed to do some.  Its depth runs from 5 feet to 3 feet and as long as I stay horizontal, I can’t tell.  

Besides swimming, I also do water walking.  I used to do this at Spiece and it gave a the lower body a workout.  I first walk down the pool normally and then walk back backwards.  Dereck at Spiece gave me the idea to walk backwards on the return trip.  

If you have access to a swimming pool, jazz up you workouts with some lap swimming and water walking. Let me know how you like it.  If you’re looking for a gym with a pool the only place I know is the Y.  The JRL Y has a great pool from what I’ve seen.


Resting after a hard swim and working the tan.