Thanks to my wife, I started attending a new gym yesterday: The Jackson R. Lehman Y off of St. Joe Road in Fort Wayne. For eight years previously, I was a member of Spiece Fitness in Fort Wayne and I really miss it and the people there.  As I get more familiar with the Y,  I will be discussing how the two compare and give you ideas for both gyms.

The nice thing about the Y is they have multiple locations around Allen County that I can use. I’ll check out the other locations as I travel around the area on computer service calls.  The JRL Y was finished in August 2017 and is still shiny and new. They have a swimming pool, basketball courts, a track, cardio equipment and a weight and machine area. They seem to have more staff than Spiece does.  The weight machine equipment is also brand new and I’ve noticed some of the the same manufacturers as Spiece: Hammer Strength and Cybex.

I like to use the heavy bag to practice my martial arts and the JRL Y does have one heavy bag. Unfortunately, it’s hanging among other exercise equipment and only part of it is accessible for punching and kicking. I can’t move around it in a circle like I could at Spiece.  Spiece has two heavy bags and my favorite one is isolated from all the other equipment so no one gets in your way.  I can kick and punch it as hard as I want.

Tomorrow, I am going to try a group class at the Y called Insanity which may be close to my favorite group class at Spiece called Blast.  Are you a member of the Y or Spiece?  Tell us about it.