I’ve lifted weights for several years and really like the variety of equipment at Spiece Fitness. For the last 4-5 years I have done a single muscle group per day. I divide the body into Chest, back, shoulders/trapezes, legs, and arms.

Today(Wed) I did my back and I do three different types of exercises for the back. The first is rowing types which pull a weight from in front of my body towards my back. This is supposed to build back muscle thickness. Some examples are cable rows, and body weight rows.

The second type is having my hands over my head and pulling a weight down or my body up.  From what I’ve read, these exercises widen the back to give you a v-taper.  Pull-ups and lat pulls are typical exercises in this category.

The third type of exercises are for the center of the back for the spinal erectors and lower back.  I perform hyper extensions or deadlifts which are performed by bending at the waist.

Pullups on a Squat Rack near the Spin Zone