Spiece Fitness Heavy Bag in the back

I was given a heavybag from one of my computer clients who is a Grandmaster in Taekwondo three years ago.  It sat in my garage going unused for many reasons.  Last year, it was finally hung it up outside on a tree limb because there is no room for it in the garage.  It was placed higher than normal so I would have to lift my legs higher on my front and round kicks.  This outdoor heavybag is tougher to kick and punch since I’m walking on the mud and dirt bare-footed and the ground is angled. I have the luxury of being able to work on two heavybags at Basches Martial Arts and two others at Spiece Fitness.  

Kicking and punching heavybags are nice workouts since they use most of your body. You can start out with gloves and shoes are move towards no protection as I do. This toughens the feet and hands and makes them stronger.    An MMA fighter at Spiece Fitness once told me an actor used heavybag works to build up his physique for a physical movie was going to be in.

Warm up and stretch before you work on a heavybag so injuries don’t happen.  And remember an added bonus is your cardiovascular system gets better if you try moving around the bag like I do.

My Outdoor Heavybag getting punched