Ahhhhh… It’s good to be home! I finally re-joined Spiece Fitness after a two month absence last Friday. Previously, I was a member for eight years.  What convinced me to return happened on October 28th at Spiece:  Participating in three Group launch classes, giving a Spiece friend a taste of my workouts, and explaining to Spiece friends why I had been gone for two months.  People kept saying you need to come back to Spiece. I’m happy I did because I have a large amount of weights and machines spread out over a large area. And I have the Sports Performance area available to me again with a private heavy bag for martial arts.

I still have my Y membership and may occasionally use it on the way home from Martial Arts classes at Basches or for Zumba class on Saturday 11am or Wednesday noon.

Gyms have helped me tremendously over the years to stay in shape and have fun doing it.  You have to use it regularly to get the benefits and your money’s worth.  Before you commit to one, take tours and get a guest pass or go with a member and try it out.  Many gyms don’t have long contracts as in the past and you can pay monthly.  What’s your gym or ones you’ve used?