For the last week I have been working out with Denise, a long time member of Spiece Fitness.  It all came about on October 28 at the Group launch day at Spiece.  This is when everyone is invited to try the new releases for the group classes. I was not a member of Spiece at the time but had been for about eight years a few months prior.   I think we were both leaving Group Fight class and Denise asked me to show her some of the Spiece exercises I have been writing about in this fitness blog.  She has been doing all the group classes including spin, boot camp, power yoga, fight and power for many years and wanted some spice in her workouts.  I was a member of the Y and really missed the best gym around: Spiece Fitness.

We walked back to the Sports Performance area where some Spiece members are afraid to travel.  I showed her the heavy bag, the prowler sleds, the bosu balance balls and other equipment. We also pulled up my YouTube videos of my old fitness partner and I exercising at Spiece on my smartphone. Denise asked many questions and some I could even answer.  The more we talked, the more I got excited about working out at Spiece.  Denise finally stated the obvious and said I should join Spiece again and we could work out together doing all these crazy things.

I can just tell we are going to be a great fitness fit with her group class experience and my free weight/machine and sports performance experience.  And the best thing is we both love martial arts so the heavy  bag will get used often!

Tell us about your exercise experience with a partner or going solo and which you preferred.