I’ve learned to vary my workouts with different exercises and different bars in my weight training.  Regular barbells, dumbbells and machines are used to hit my body in different ways. Last year sometime I discovered a different barbell handle at my gym.  A barbell is held with two hands whereas a dumbbell is a one-handed device.

With the multibar, your hands are parallel to each other on different short bars on different axis’.  In contrast, a conventional barbell is one long bar and held with your hands along the same axis along the bar .  The Multibar can be used for decline, flat and incline presses.  On chest days, I’ll do three bench press exercises withe one dumbbell. one barbell and one Multibar.

One of my friends at the gym explained me the various things you can with it and that it weighed around 50 pounds.  The conventional barbell weighs 45 pounds

Below is a video of the Multibar in action on an incline bench press.