I used to perform an exercise at Spiece Fitness years ago for the chest and triceps.  It used the TRX bands hanging off the heavy-bag yardarm.  A half Bosu ball was also used for the feet.  You would perform a push-up balancing your hands on the TRX band handles while the feet balanced on the bosu ball.


Me in Aug 2018 doing floating push-ups for the first time (I think) at Spiece Fitness. Notice the black and yellow TRX bands I’m holding


When I left Spiece, I came to Catalyst where I work and work-out.  I’ve been searching for a way to perform my floating push-ups ever since June 2022.  I realized they don’t have TRX bands so I was going to buy them for me.

One Monday during chest routine, I was going to use the Life Fitness chest machine and someone was using it.  I went to the Main weight room to use the Hammer Strength chest machines instead.  While I was sitting on one of the machines I glanced over at the Legend Squat machine.  I saw the the heavy yellow straps and realized they could be held for floating push-ups.  All I had to do was lower them to about 4 inches off the ground and I’d be set.

Adjusting the straps on the Legend Squat machine for floating push-ups at Catalyst Fitness


Video of my Floating Push-ups at Spiece Fitness. Dec 2017