I didn’t renew my gym membership at Spiece Fitness in March 2022 for several reasons.  I wrote an article on it if you’re curious.  Just search in the history for the article.  For the month of April I just did Martial Arts 4-6 days a week as I always have.  I didn’t do anything at any gym except a Group Blast fitness class at Spiece on the launch date.

In place of the weights at the gym I did a little Calisthenics like push-ups and pull-ups. No group fitness were done either.  I ran a little and bicycled some, but more focus was put on manual labor like gardening, lawn work on my property and a relatives property.  Some gravel driveway excavation work was done with a shovel, pick and wheelbarrow which I hadn’t done in a long time.  It seemed I had more energy to do these things than when I exercised at the gym.  On the negative side, I was more sore from not doing my Group Centergy class with my sciatica.  It seems better when I stretch and move in there.