I’ve been weight-lifting for exercise since high school gym class in 1978.  Bench presses are one the main weight exercises I perform for the pectoral (chest) muscles.  They are performed by lying on your back on a flat bench press.  A barbell is lifted off the rack located over your chest with both hands.  Then you lower it down to your chest and back up so your arms are fully extended.  I usually perform up to ten of these for one set.

Around 2012 I could do around ten barbell bench press reps at 135lbs.  Derek at Spiece used to spot me and help me do a few more which helped get me stronger.  Ten years later, my barbell bench press has gotten weaker.  Now I can only do about 3 reps of the same weight.  I don’t know what to make of it because I have continued to work my chest every week.  I do more variety now and include dumbbell bench presses.   No one cares how much I can bench press except me so I won’t dwell on it anymore.