One of the Spiece Fitness Weight rooms.

Ten years ago you would find me at home on most Saturday mornings. Around nine years ago, I joined Spiece Fitness and started working out by myself in the weight room.  Five years ago a personal trainer who was a Spiece member asked me to work out with them. For five months we did strength and cardio together.  We worked hard and had fun at the same time.  After they left town, I missed working out with them and I went back to my solo workouts.

About three years ago I started taking Group fitness classes at Spiece Fitness and Saturday mornings are now spent at Spiece with my “fitness family”.  I’ve become a Group Fitness addict and hate when I miss classes.  Usually I take three Saturday classes.  8am is Group Blast, a mostly lower body workout and heavy on cardio with Kasi showing us the way. Next, at 9am I either do Group Core again with Kasi or I attend Zumba with Niki running the show. 10 am is Yoga and Pilates time usually with Lisa, but today it was Lori and Niki presenting the new January 2019 release. The class is called Group Centergy.

After Group Centergy class on January 12, 2019 at Spiece Fitness

I tell everyone about the classes at Spiece because they have an encouraging atmosphere and we have fun. They have helped me in Martial Arts and in everyday life.  I disliked doing cardio exercises on my own so the Group Blast and Zumba have jazzed it up for me and others in the class.  Spiece also has Stationary bike classes named Spin if that is more your style. They are very popular and have two classes at 7 and 8am at on Saturdays.

If you’re tired of exercising on your own, try some group classes at your gym and see what happens. I still do weight lifting on my own so my message is don’t stop what you’re doing – just add a group class and see what I’m talking about.