I’ve been on a mission at Catalyst Fitness to get more members and visitors to take group fitness classes.  As far as I can tell the classes have only been offered for about two years or less.  Maybe it’s going to take people a while to understand how beneficial classes can be if you take them regularly.

The class I have been promoting lately is Group Blast. I’ve written articles, posted on social media, and told members about the class. I carry Group Blast flyers in my gym bag to pass out to members who want to know more.  My fear is if attendance doesn’t improve in the class, we might lose it at Catalyst.    and people for a while is Group Blast.  Blast is offered Tuesdays at 530PM and Saturdays at 0800.  It used to be on Thursdays but it got canceled for low attendance.

I think the problem may be the class looks so hard that some people avoid it.  I also have seen people in class one time and they never come back to Blast.  They have to understand that I have doing Blast one or twice a week since 2017 so I’ve done hundreds of classes over the years.

Check out Group Blast for a great cardio and lower body workout.   It’s a lot of work but it is fun and has great rewards.