For many years at Spiece Fitness I did Group Blast with 1 riser under each end of the step.  That’s what the instructors suggested so I followed their advice.  There were two women who were taller and I think they used two.   When I started Group Blast at Catalyst Fitness I continued with one because that’s what most people did.  I’ve always wondered if I should graduate to two after I got good in Blast.

Last month I decided to go with two under each end to see if it was too much.  I asked Grace about it and she said it was up to me and I could always go back to one at any point if I got overloaded during class.  For the most part, I’ve stayed with two and that’s where I’ll stay.  It does take more effort to use two versus one and it’s working me harder during class.  If you do Group Blast, how many risers do you use? Or do you just use the step?

Nov 2022 at Catalyst using Two risers under the step!!!