I’m concerned with the existence of the hardest and most productive group fitness class I take at Catalyst Fitness. It’s called Group Blast and it’s only offered once a week. The other classes vary from seven to two times.  It generally has low attendance but sometimes we’ve had five to seven people in a class.  Why don’t we have good attendance – maybe it scares new people with the difficult moves in the routines. Or is it the cardio  

Another thing hurting the class is having Cycling class, the most popular class, at the same time of 9am.  You can cycle seven times a week at Catalyst so why pit it against Group Blast?  This won’t change so if I were you, do Blast on Saturday and you can still cycle six times five other days.    

When I was at Spiece Fitness, our Saturday Group Blast class had good attendance, Sometimes we had twenty people or more.  But it wasn’t a young program like Blast is at Catalyst.  I don’t know how long Blast had been going on at Spiece but it was probably 10 years. Catalyst has been offering blast less than two years.  I tell members at Catalyst about Blast but I haven’t seen anyone new in class from the weight room.