My former gym, Spiece Fitness, is having an open house for their Group Fitness Launch on Saturday October 28, 2017 from 7AM to 12 PM. They are offering six MOSSA classes with new music and routines. These classes are available to members and non-members alike and I encourage you to attend if you want to see how beneficial group classes are.

Those of you who are very happy at another gym should still attend so you can experience something different. Spiece’s group classes are amazing and Saturday’s line-up is incredible. My favorite is Group Blast and my second is Core. I did group classes for two years every  week and l fell in love with them. My core got ripped and my endurance really improved for martial arts.

This is from the Spiece Fitness FaceBook Page:

New music, new moves in our Mossa programs:
8:00 am Group Blast
9:00 am Group Power
9:15 am Group Core
10:00 am Group Centergy
10:00 am Group Fight
11:00 am Group Active

Also that morning:
7:10 am Spinning
8:00 am Spinning
8:00 am Aqua Zumba
9:00 am Zumba

Now that I’m a Y member I started taking their group classes because of my experience at Spiece. So far I’ve done Insanity class and Zumba. I sampled a cross-fit gym this year during their open time one Saturday and now I know a little about cross-fit.  If your gym has open times for the public, I’d like to know about them so I can participate and tell others.