Are you a lone wolf in the weight room like me? Or do you workout with someone? Does your spouse/companion work out with you? If you don’t exercise, do they hound you to join them on a regular basis in the gym? I am guilty of this last one with my wife.

Currently, when I do weights at the Y, it’s by myself.  In the past, I have had workout partners at Spiece Fitness. It was good to have a partner to push you and help with spotting the weights.  On the other hand, it was a pain to have to be at the gym on a regular schedule to meet with my workout partner because of my erratic computer schedule.

I’ve wanted to workout with my wife since we’ve known each other, but it’s never happened.  I’m used to it now and she couldn’t keep up with me anyway.

If you are lonely at the gym when you do weights, consider group classes. They have ones at Spiece which use barbells and dumbbells and are a nice way to have company and motivation at the same time. Other gyms have the same type of classes.

Another option is to find someone in your gym which has your same workout schedule as you and see if they want to workout together. That happened to me at Spiece Fitness twice with different people; a personal trainer in 2013 and my Karate Sensei from 2015-2017. I learned quite a lot from both of these partners and still use parts of their workouts in my solo routines.