I’ve exercised at Spiece Fitness for 10 years now and I’m usually there five days a week.  It’s been a great place to get my strength conditioning in with a huge variety of equipment available to us members.  There are free weights, weight machines from Body Masters, Precor and other manufacturers, and a whole Sports Performance area with tires, sleds and other equipment.

Two handles left by lat-pull cable machine and a long, black handle ready for someone to trip on.

We have various cable machines which have interchangable handles which can be attached for one handed-grip or two-handed. Some Spiece members put the handles back on the storage rack when they’re finished. Others just toss them on the floor when they change out a handle. Just leaving them on the floor by the machine you were using makes it harder for members to find the handles.  Instead just looking on the storage rack, they have to walk around to the six cable machines searching for a handle.

Handles hanging on machine and laying on the floor by the cable machine.

It’s not only an inconvenience but also a safety issue when someone trips over a handle on the floor.  Some of them are long and heavy and stick out a long way for someone to step on them.


To the right is a picture of the storage rack for the handles.  Please take the time to put the handles on the rack when you change them out. Don’t leave them on the floor  by a machine because you’re too busy or important to put them back.  Remember – we all share the gym so respect your gym and the other members. Keep Spiece Fitness neat and tidy.  And your parents aren’t here to pick up after you!