Today at Spiece Fitness I arrived around 0630 (morning) and realized it was leg day.  Leg day means I’ll be doing weights and strength training for the lower body and lucky for me I was at the best gym in the area. Sometimes, I forget how lucky I am to have a gym like this to use.

Spiece has many different tools for strength training. They have regular free weights, weight machines where you add plates yourself and weight machines where you select the stacked weights with a pin. For the free weights they have various benches (flat. incline and decline) to hold the barbells for you as the exercises are performed.  There are four cable machines for various movements with captive weights on racks. Additionally, there is a Sports Performance area with a large area for pushing weighted sleds, flipping tires and other exercises.

I try to perform different exercises for the legs each week and I always do some sort of squat to start. Today I did barbell squats on one of the many squat racks at Spiece. I think there are at least seven squat rocks around the gym which is quite a few. I did the sled pulls in the back of Spiece in the sports Performance area

My routine today consisted of

Barbell 3/4 squats 135 lbs 10,10,10,7

Sled pull 90lb  plus sled with rope around waist forward facing

Sled pull 90lb plus sled with rope around waist reverse

Cybex glute machine 112 lb. 10,10,10,10

Body Master standing calf machine 110lb 10 10 10

Body Master inverted leg press 200lb  10,10,8 7

Same machine calf extension 3 sets  200lb.

Next Friday I’ll try and do dumbbell squats instead of barbell ones. And maybe tire flips with the truck tire instead of sled work.  I’ll also do the Precor adductor/Abductor machine because I haven’t done them for a while.

Remember, variety is the spice of Spiece!