Spiece Fitness is a small town inside and I talk to a lot of people. The most popular topic is usually what work-out we are doing at the time: cardio, strength or a combination.  One aspect I added about four years ago is the Group Fitness Classes. I get my cardiovascular training in Group Blast and Zumba. My balance and flexibility is improved in Group Centergy.  I make sure members know about these classes because some don’t know they exist or they didn’t know they are free with your membership.

A member I talk to often asks me about the classes occasionally. They say they should attend some time but I can tell they are hesitant because of the fitness fear of the unknown.  My response is, “You’ll go when you’re ready because It took me several months to finally go after I knew about the classes.”

Group classes gave me great results and I have fun in them.  The best thing is I still spend time in the Spiece weight room on my own working on my strength and physique.  Keep doing what you you do now at the gym – just add group classes and see what happens!