I fixed the upstairs treadmill today after walking by it for three months of it being broke.  Several attempts were made to resurrect it over two months when I was upstairs.  The front panel would never respond with presses of any buttons or emergency buttons.  It had power at the base because the toggle LED was lit up.   

So today I had some time after my Shoulder and trap workout to remove the plastic covers and start troubleshooting. I searched for screw holes on the top part. The holes were found and the 5 screws removed.  The cover was loose but one more screw had to be removed from the center.  I got the cover off by pulling it down.  I still couldn’t see the bottom of the display board so more screws were removed.  I lifted it off the support frame and now the circuit board was visible.  The different sensor wires were disconnected to eliminate them as problems.

The main cable to the circuit board looked intriguing.  It connected to nothing that I could determine.  So what was it’s purpose?  It had to be the main power to the board because the other small wires went to sensors or LEDs.  I looked around the support columns leading to the base and didn’t see a connector  for the dangling wire.  I kept searching at the top of the column and finally caught a glimpse of it.  I tried getting my hand down it and felt a cable connector. I had to remove the support arm with an allen wrench.   After several attempts with stiff wires and tools, I got it pulled out.  Once it was connected to the power connector of the display, it came alive!  The bright yellow LEDs scrolled across the screen with instructions like it used to.   It was a disconnected power cable and it came disconnected from vibrations during treadmill use.