If you’re looking for lower body exercise equipment, we have plenty at Catalyst Fitness.  Lower body means below the waist to me.

In the circuit room, formerly the Nautilus room, there are seven machines. From memory they are glute, Leg press, Leg extension, Leg curl, Combo leg extension/curl, hip adduction/abduction and  the standing hip/glute machine.  These seven are all from Life Fitness company.

In the main weight room there are five that I can recall: inverted hack squat, Leg Press, iso leg extension, iso leg curl, and the combo iso leg extension/curl.

In the smaller weight room we have the Bear hack squat, Edge system squat, Sisy squat and nordic curl.

Upstairs in the Paramount area there is a Paramount leg press, Paramount leg extension, and a Paramount leg curl.

And these are the ones I can remember.  I didn’t even count the smith machines and squat racks.  As I said in the beginning, we’ve got lots of leg, hip and glute equipment.