On April 1 I just started back at Spiece Fitness after a 2-month absence because of my anemia. I take Group Blast Wednesdays and Saturdays and Group Centergy Tuesdays and Thursdays. Group Blast is cardio and legs and it has helped my Takwondo and JiuJitsu Martial Arts.  These exercises wouldn’t get done if I was left to do them on my own.  Group Centergy is Yoga and Pilates at a fairly fast pace which keeps my Sciatica in check.

Fitness classes are great for keeping me motivated because of the instructors encouragement, the other members in the class and the music.  My strength, balance, and flexibility have all benefited from these classes. In a Group Fitness setting they are more enjoyable and I push harder.  If I didn’t do the classes, who knows if I’d even do cardio on my own.

Myself, Hannah(Instructor) and Becky(Instructor) after Centergy fitness class


If your gym has group classes I encourage you to join them and see how well they complement your solo workouts. They definitely have mine.