(This article was started March 2022).  Since I’ve been doing Martial Arts six years in bare feet I’ve seen my feet become strong and tough.  This includes the soles of my feet and I used to walk the dog barefoot on the pavement to keep them tough.

Group Fitness classes are something else I’ve done for five years and in Group Centergy it’s done in bare feet.  Another class I do is Group Blast which is done in shoes.  For years at Spiece Fitness I’ve wanted to do it in barefoot.  I never had the courage to ask Hannah, Kasi, or Becky if I could do it that way.

Now that I’m at Catalyst Fitness and we have Group Blast, I still want to perform Blast without shoes and socks.  It may be against the rules to be in bare feet, but Centergy is done in bare feet.  It might look dangerous, but I kick heavybags in bare feet and people so I think I can do blast in bare feet.