Friday night I noticed a social media post from my gym, Catalyst Fitness NE. They were displaying a new piece of gym equipment they just installed Friday afternoon.  I studied the pictures and it seemed to be some kind of squat rack.  Next I was curious where it was installed and from the wood deadlift platform next to it I knew it was the main weight room.  It’s along the common wall with the Nautilus room. 

Unfortunately, I realized the black, all-purpose squat/shrug rack was missing!  It used to be in the same spot as this new piece.  From the social media post I found out the previous rack is being sold.  I used that rack for V-bar chins, barbell shrugs, barbell curls and general stretching.  It’s the only rack like it on this side of the main weight room and it’s going to slow down my workouts trying to find a rack near the cable machine on that side of the main weight room.  After talking to some of the morning members I discovered many people use the rack every day.  It’s probably a very popular piece of equipment that they just got rid of and replaced it with something else. I know it’s a crowded weight room with equipment, but it would have been nice to keep it.  

My suggestion for any gym is to find out if members are using a piece of equipment before you remove it.  Maybe it won’t change anything, but at least you’ll know how popular something is.  My previous gym, Spiece Fitness, removed maybe 10 pieces when they rearranged the weight room in early 2022 and they never asked the members for our opinions(that I’m aware).   They sold one of my favorite shoulder machines I used often.  That’s how you upset members.  

I’m all for progress and new equipment but don’t remove a popular piece of equipment which members use often.  

The new Legend squat machine.

Another view of the new machine located where the black squat/shrug rack used to be.