I’ll admit I was a Spiece Fitness snob.  (Or maybe I still am).  After being at Spiece a while, I believed there couldn’t be a better gym anywhere.  Just the amount of equipment they have and the floor space made me assume this. The turf area alone is huge and much larger than other gyms. Things didn’t go the way I wanted at Spiece and it was time for a fitness change.  I’m now at Catalyst Fitness NE in Fort Wayne since June 1 of this year.   

I’m feeling my way around Catalyst and so far I’m getting good workouts in the weight rooms.  There’s a couple machines I miss at Spiece like the Neck machine and the Atlantis shoulder Press.  I do miss Group Blast Class at Spiece and I’ll be substituting Catalyst cycle class on Saturdays for Group Blast that I used to take at Spiece. 

This will be good for for fitness experience and blogging to get away from the gym I was at for so many years that it turned me into a Spiece snob.  My hope is that I will turn into a Catalyst Fitness snob after a few months.