This morning I took my first Group Centergy class in two weeks.  Group Centergy is part of the Mosa Move group fitness family.   I did it for years at Spiece Fitness and it was good to get back in the Yoga/Pilates groove.  This was my first Centergy class at Catalyst Fitness and Milinda was our instructor.

One of my physical ailments is sciatic pain down my left leg and it’s been bad for the last week.  Once I did Centergy today, it’s much better.  I think it was the downward dogs and the cobras.

Join us next Sunday at 9AM for a fantastic way to stretch, balance and move through space.  If you belong to another gym, find out if they have Centergy or an equivalent class.  Spiece does and the Y probably has them too.

Moving into Child’s pose

After Sunday Centergy class