Some of us don’t know how lucky we are to have six classes available at Catalyst Fitness on Saturdays at the NE location. Group Fitness classes have been part of my life since 2016.  They’ve made exercising fun and improved my physical condition.

Here’s the rundown for tomorrow: Group Core starts it out with Grace instructing at 730AM in the lower classroom. At 800AM you have two choices: upstairs is Cycling with Mark or downstairs is Grace doing Group Blast.  900AM offers Group Power downstairs or Group Centergy upstairs with Lisa showing us how it’s done. Zumba closes it out at 1000AM upstairs with Katie dancing with the class.

Your classes are free with your membership.  Other gyms like where I used to go charge extra for classes.  Another gym charges extra as well.  We have certified instructors that know what they’re doing and are very friendly.  They explain the movements and offer positive encouragement to us members.  One of my favorite things about classes is the music that plays during our routines.  When know the song I can sing along with the the other members.

I love the group classes and I still use the Catalyst weight rooms for strength and conditioning on my own or with my training partner, Denise.  We have some great weights and machines in FIVE weight rooms at the northeast location on Trier Rd in Fort Wayne, IN USA.