Today is Saturday and I usually do only group fitness classes at my gym.  During the weekdays it’s only strength and conditioning with weights, machines and body weight exercises.

There are six different group fitness classes offered on Saturdays now.  Today was the first day for Centergy to be offered  on a Saturday.  They moved the Sunday morning class to Saturdays for now.

Katie and I at Zumba Class 1000AM

The six classes are Core, Cycle, Blast, Power, Centergy and Zumba.  I did Group Core at 0730, then Group Blast at 0800, Group Centergy at 0900 and finally Zumba at 1000.

Group Core strengthens and conditions the torso and uses the step and rises, weights, and a towel.  It lasts 30 minutes.  Group Blast is a lot of mobility work on your feet and improves the lower body with many various movements.  We use the Step and risers to create various heights for jumping kneeing, curling, squatting,  Group Centergy uses Yoga and Pilates at a nice pace and each set keeps me moving to music.  Zumba is a dance party with loud hip-hop and Latin music and my favorite class.