I’m a pretty active person in terms of exercise and activities. I do TaeKwonDo, Ji-Jitsu, weight and strength training, and group fitness classes. About a month ago I started getting fatigued during stand-up sparring and group fitness classes. I was breathing hard after just a minute or two and I used to go four or five minutes without any issues in martial arts.  In Group Blast, it was like I had never exercised and I was in slow motion. 

After my wife, my Sensei and people at my fitness facility voiced concern, I decided to seek medical help.  Normally, I don’t make regular medical visits unless I’m really sick or injured.  A family doctor had to be found in my insurance network and a Doctor of Osteopathy was located near me. On my first appointment he could tell I was pale and something was wrong.  They drew blood for a test and I wnt on my way.   Igot a call later in the day that my hemoglobin was way to low and I was in the hospital that night to get two units of red blood cells.  I am anemic because my body is not absorbing iron.