One of the perks of Catalyst Fitness is our sauna in the men’s locker-room. It’s helped my sore body since I’ve been a member feel better and release toxins,. About a month ago the sauna  heater  died and a new one had to be ordered and installed.  The electrical wiring and other parts had to be replaced and it took time.  Last week Jason got it prepped, inspected and running again.  I’ve used it every day I’ve worked out at Catalyst Fitness and so have other members.  It’s great to have it back.

The hour glass is back and the thermometer is by the door and not over the heater as it was in the past.  If you haven’t used it try it out and see how a good sweat helps your body.  Jason said we can put water on the stones to create steam but water only! Nothing else please.  We want to keep it going for a long time so we all can enjoy it.

If your gym has a sauna I suggest you use it on a regular basis.  Just start out a little at a time and build up.  Usually, I spend 15 minutes in the sauna after my workout and then a shower.  Check with your medical professional if you have health problems just to be sure it’s safe for you.  One important note: Since I’m perspiring while I’m in the sauna I drink water while I’m in there and afterwards to prevent dehydration. 

Thank Jason if you see him or send a message for getting our sauna back on-line.