The main weight room at Catalyst Fitness has a lot of equipment.  One of the pieces is the incline bench press stand which gets used often when members are working their chest.  Since I’ve been at Catalyst, the seat has also been a little wobbly.  It was structurally sound and didn’t drop down or anything when you sat down – it just was loose in the column it rested in.  It would move horizontally back and forth slightly.

As Member Liaison for Catalyst, my job is to tell the owner about equipment issues I discover.  Once I told Jason, a week or two later this was fixed with two plastic sleeves in the column that holds the seat. Now the seat is firm and doesn’t shift back and forth like it once did.  

Thanks to Jason for caring about our gym and keeping equipment in working order.


Look closer and you can see the two black sleeves on the center shaft.