One of the areas my gym is lacking is in the shoulder muscle category.  When I first joined Catalyst Fitness, there was a nautilus side lateral raise machine, an overheard press, and a great seated military press (shoulder Press) free weight bench stand.  Sadly, they are all gone now and I wish I would have done more to keep them here or get them back.

A combination Bench/Incline/shoulder Life Fitness machine was added and I use it occasionally.  It’s an ok machine, but not my favorite.  I really miss the Military press stand because I could easily do Arnold presses with dumbbells on it  And it was good for military presses with a barbell as well.

June 2022.  The nautilus shoulder press I liked is gone. The nautilus military press was a nice machine that positioned your hands parallel to your legs which is different that most machines.  The other shoulder machine was a nautilus side lateral machine and we have nothing like it now.

A month or two ago the seated Military press stand was replaced with a new Smith machine which I hardly use.  I had a warning that the military press stand was probably leaving but I didn’t ask the owner if was going to happen.  Maybe I could have fought for it or found a place for it.  We’ll never know now.

Me performing Arnold presses with dumbbells on the military press stand which is gone!

We don’t have the side lateral raise Nautilus machine any more. I miss it.