I strength train about five days a week and Wednesdays are back days.  I try to do different machines and exercises each time. This time I used the row machine upstairs in the Paramount room.  I call it a room but it’s an area without walls at the end of the track adjacent to the Cardio machine room.  Most of the machines are from the Paramount company.  These are older machines and Spiece has ones just like these and I used them when I was a member.  They’re sturdy and do good job. I’ve rarely seen one break.  This one I used today was a rowing machine where you grasp a bar while sitting and pull it towards you.  The resistance is changed by placing a metal pin in a stack of weights.  

I also did some pull-downs on the paramount pulldown machine to build the width of my back.  We also have pulldown cable stations which do similar work on your back downstairs.   

Check out the Paramount room for some additional weight machines