I’ve gravitated to a strength-training routine where one body part is done per day – but not every day.  Mondays -chest; Tuesdays-Shoulders/traps; Wednesday-back; Thursdays- Arms.  Legs get done during Group Blast Fitness class on Wednesdays and/or Saturdays.

My favorite back exercise is the one-arm body weight row on the Smith machine Squat rack.  A previous workout partner showed me two-armed body weight rows in 2014 and it wasn’t until last year that discovered one-arms in an MMA book.  To perform it lay on your back under the smith machine bar and adjust it so it’s at arms length.  Then pull yourself up keeping your torso as straight as possible.  These are hard, but rewarding. I can maybe do 5 or 6 on each arm.

If you are looking for a fine fitness facility to do your back exercises in then check out Spiece Fitness in Fort Wayne – it’s the best around.