One of the Group Fitness classes at Catalyst Fitness is Group Blast. I’ve been taking it weekly for years and it’s helped me in many ways like my cardio and lateral movement. In my opinion, it’s the most beneficial class we offer, yet it’s probably the toughest. It’s part of the Mossa program like our Group Core, Power and  Centergy.  When I first started Blast back at Spiece it was hard to follow the fast routines, but I didn’t give up.  I went twice a week and it got easier.  When people do Blast in the beginning they probably get discouraged and quit.  Don’t be one of the quitters!  Understand this class will get you in better shape if you stay with it.  

Group Blast is offered just once a week at Catalyst – Saturdays at 8am.  Contrast this with Cycling which is offered every day of the week and some days it’s three times!  Cycling class is much more popular and I wish more members would do Blast also and see how it could help them.

Remember, this is like anything you want to learn, you won’t be as good as experienced people until you get experience by staying at it on a regular basis.  Like walking, writing or riding a bike.  Like i said earlier, if you see me or our instructor, Grace, do Blast we’ve been doing it weekly for years so don’t compare yourself to us.  

After Group Blast Saturdays 8am